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What is the best material of color coated steel coil

The base material of the color coated plate roll can be cold rolled plate roll or hot plated electroplated steel, although the organic coating part of the color coated plate roll has good anti-corrosion effect, but there are still some small gaps in the organic coating, air and water may enter and then may make the substrate rust, so the color coated plate roll made of the substrate without coating, short service life, And it is easy to spread after scratches, resulting in peeling of the coating. The base material of color coated plate roll is mainly galvanized steel plate or galvanized alloy steel plate. The production process of color coating is divided into substrate pretreatment, chemical conversion film (non-organic metal coating), organic non-metallic coating, and some production lines have post-coating process.

A, substrate pretreatment as a substrate galvanized steel plate if not directly into a color painting process after production, it may appear in the transportation process rust (white rust), dust, and other pollution. If these can not be removed, it will affect the quality of the color. The quality and all physical and chemical properties of finished color coated rolls are closely concerned with the pretreatment. In addition, after galvanized production, in order to prevent rust and oil, these oils should also be removed before color coating production. Now the most used pretreatment method is alkali solution degreasing method.

Two, chemical conversion membrane effect has two:

1. To further improve the rust prevention ability, the second is to improve the adhesion between the base material and the coating, improve the coating performance of the substrate. Generally, there are three steps: one is phosphating, forming a large number of crystals on the metal surface, and then using phosphorus salt solution to form a phosphate film on the metal surface;

2, is passivation closed, phosphate film still has some holes, with chromate and hole point chemical reaction, the formation of protective film. Three is pure water washing, with salt or ion water to remove the passivation liquid.

Organic coating is divided into primer and top paint, primer requirements are not high, can color smooth coating, but now enterprises in order to produce safety, primer paint is generally color reverse coating. After coating process: after coating process printing, embossing, peeling protective film, lamination, etc., increase the decorative and protective performance of color coating board. In addition, some foreign post-coating process and leveling and straightening in cold rolling, galvanized production lines used in the process.



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