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Quality inspection standard for galvanized sheet

The quality inspection standard of galvanized sheet is an important basis to ensure product quality and safety, and has important guiding significance for the enterprises and users who produce, use and sell galvanized sheet. The following is a detailed interpretation of the quality inspection standards for galvanized sheets:

Appearance quality inspection: First of all, we need to strictly inspect the appearance of galvanized sheet. This includes checking whether the surface of the steel plate has cracks, rust, scratches and other defects, and whether the color is uniform without obvious color difference. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the size and shape of the galvanized sheet meet the specified standards.

Chemical composition test: The chemical composition of galvanized sheet has an important impact on its performance. Therefore, we need to conduct accurate detection of the chemical composition of the steel plate, including carbon content, silicon content, manganese content, phosphorus content and so on. The content of these elements must meet the requirements of national standards to ensure the stable performance of galvanized sheets.

Mechanical property test: Mechanical property is an important index to measure the quality of galvanized sheet, including tensile strength, yield strength, elongation and so on. We need to use professional testing equipment and methods to conduct a comprehensive test on the mechanical properties of each batch of galvanized sheet to ensure that it meets the design requirements and use needs.

Corrosion resistance test: One of the main uses of galvanized sheet is as a protective material, so its corrosion resistance is crucial. We need to strictly test the corrosion resistance of galvanized sheet, including neutral salt spray test, acetate spray test, etc., to evaluate its service life and protection effect in a variety of harsh environments.

Welding performance test: For galvanized sheets that need to be welded, we also need to test their welding performance. This includes the quality of the weld, the degree of deformation after welding, etc. Only galvanized sheet with good weldability can give full play to its value in practical application.

Packaging mark inspection: Finally, we also need to pay attention to check whether the packaging mark of galvanized sheet complies with the relevant regulations. This includes whether the product's model, specifications, production date, manufacturer and other information are clearly visible, and whether the product has passed the relevant quality certification.

In short, galvanized sheet quality inspection standards cover the whole process from raw materials to finished products, aiming to ensure that the quality of galvanized sheet meets the expected standards, so as to provide users with high-quality products and services.


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