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Choice of paint for color coated board

Whether from the point of view of use effect or service life, paint plays a vital role in the color coating board. Therefore, when choosing high-quality color coated plates, we should also carefully consider and choose coatings.

First of all, under normal circumstances, we can choose the color coating plate according to the standard color of the manufacturer. This can not only shorten the workload in the early stage of production, but also ensure that the color of the color coating plate is consistent with the expectation. However, if a special color is required, because the paint needs to be configured in the paint manufacturer's sample, and the performance must meet the requirements in order to produce, the production process from ordering to the color coating plate will be relatively long.

Secondly, we can measure the gloss of the coating surface using a 60 degree reflection Angle. The larger the value, the higher the gloss. In the coatings used on buildings, the gloss of light and matte is generally between 30 and 55. This is because when high-gloss coatings are used in buildings, the reflection of sunlight is strong and dazzling; In the indoor environment, it is easy to produce visual fatigue under the light at night.

Third, the coating film of the color coating plate is made of baked synthetic resin paint. When used outdoors, the film will gradually deteriorate due to the influence of sunlight, temperature and rain. If we look carefully at the surface of the steel plate or touch it gently with our fingers, we will find that there is a white powder. This phenomenon is the powderization of the film, which is unavoidable.

Fourth, in order to delay the number of years of powder coating, we should choose different types of coatings. In addition, when color coated plates are used in different areas such as coastal areas, industrial areas and rural areas, their service life will also be different. Once the corrosion of the coating film such as powder and cracking occurs, it should be repainted in time to extend the service life of the color coated board.


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