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What is the technological process of galvanized sheet?

The main process of galvanized sheet

Winding up → double unwinding → cutting head and tail → welding → alkali washing → primary scrubbing → electrolytic cleaning → secondary scrubbing → hot water rinsing → hot air drying → inlet looper → hot dip galvanizing (ceramic zinc pot) → continuous annealing → Air knife purging (introduced) → Air cooling after plating → water quenching → flat machine (reserved) → stretching straightener → passivation treatment (reserved for fingerprint resistance) → Outlet looper → oil coating → shearing → Coiling → unloading → weighing → packing

Function of each section of galvanized wire

Cleaning section: Remove cold rolling lubricating oil and iron powder from strip surface. Cleaning before the entry looper helps the strip track steadily within the entry looper while avoiding dents and scratches.

Inlet looper section: When welding stops at the inlet, vertical looper of effective length is provided to enable continuous production line.

Furnace section: vertical continuous annealing furnace, reaching the specified annealing period.

Galvanizing section: Soak strip steel in a molten zinc pot for galvanizing.

Flat machine and tension straightener section: improve performance.

Post-treatment stage (passivation) : Tandem two-roll coating machine with furnace and cooling device for coating chromate solution against white rust and fingerprint.

Outlet looper section: When the outlet section stops cutting, vertical looper of effective length is provided to enable continuous operation of the production line.


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