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Color coated roll surface no gloss reason

The poor gloss of the roller is caused by the phenomenon that the coating cannot reach the gloss or stain after curing, or the gloss of the roller is reduced after the coating is cured for several hours.

Cause: Coating formulation. Too much pigment, filler, solvent, insufficient fineness, or too much dust in the paint. The substrate surface is rough, containing oil, moisture, wax, etc., and the coating is not fully cured. The paint was not fully stirred before loading the machine, and the solids of the paint settled on the bottom of the barrel, resulting in the paint in the barrel being reduced during construction. Adding too much thinner to the paint will dilute the effect of the glossy paint. The surface coating is too thin, and the roller is too high or too low at room temperature. The curing oven temperature is set too high, the hot air circulation in the oven is not complete, the coating is overheated, and the eyes are aging, resulting in a decrease in gloss.

Treatment method: Check whether the fineness of the coating on the machine meets the process requirements. Before coating, it should be fully stirred and filtered, and the diluent should not be added too much. Control the humidity in the paint room to prevent moisture from mixing into the paint. Check the mixture of thinner and paint to ensure that the wet film thickness of the surface coating is not too thin. Each furnace temperature setting of the curing furnace must be effective to prevent it from being too high or too low.


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