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Color galvanized steel sheet

Color steel plate, also known as color coated steel plate, is a product made of cold rolled steel plate, electric galvanized steel plate, hot galvanized steel plate or aluminized zinc steel plate after surface degreasing, phosphating, complex salt treatment, coated with organic paint and baked.

Color steel plate has the strength of steel plate, but also has good corrosion resistance, organic coatings can be prepared into a variety of colors, with the help of printing, embossing technology, made of wood grain, cloth grain and leather grain and other patterns, so that the steel plate has a beautiful appearance.

Production process

The liquid roll coating line is divided into 5 sections:

(1) In the lead-in section, the substrate will be unrolled and the front and back rolled by the stitching machine for uninterrupted production;

(2) The pretreatment section includes degreasing, phosphating and passivation to generate a chemical pretreatment film on the surface of the substrate to improve the bonding strength between the coating and the substrate;

(3) the roller coating curing section should be twice painted and twice dried for curing;

(4) The post-treatment section is to apply a protective peeling film or wax on the surface of the organic coated steel plate to prevent damage to the paint film. Some lines are also equipped with printing, embossing and other devices in this section;

(5) The extraction section is provided with a coiler and a shearing machine to deliver the finished product in rolls or sheets.


Colored steel plates are widely used in construction, transportation, containers, household appliances and bag decoration materials


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