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The 2030mm cold rolling production line was designed by German SMS. The main process equipment includes a continuous pickling line (strength level: Rm≤980MPa), a combined pickling and rolling line, and a continuous annealing line (strength level: Rm≤980MPa) 2 lines, continuous hot-dip galvanizing unit (strength level: Rm≤780MPa) 1 line. The annual output of commercial coils is 2.8 million tons, including 800,000 tons of hot-rolled pickled commercial coils, 1.6 million tons of cold-rolled annealed commercial coils, and 400,000 tons of cold-rolled hot-dip galvanized commercial coils. The products are mainly used in industires such as high- and mid-range automobiles and household appliances, etc.




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ABOUT USOverviewThe company mainly deals in color-coated, galvanized, stainless steel pipes, stainless steel coils, stainless steel plates of various materials; hot-rolled series of rebar, medium and heavy plates, coils, I-beams, angle steels, channel steels, H-beams and other steel products and deep processing Service. (The company’s annual invent···

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