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Introduction to color molded steel plate

Color molded steel plate is an important material widely used in various construction fields, its main uses include decoration for various roofs and walls, as well as a variety of internal and external decoration. This steel plate can meet the needs of any construction project, whether it is a commercial building, residential building or industrial building, you can use color molded steel plate to enhance the beauty and durability of the building.

The material choice of color molded steel plate is also very flexible, you can choose color coated steel plate, hot dip galvanized steel plate or aluminum alloy steel plate according to your needs. These different materials have their own advantages, such as color-coated steel plates with excellent color retention and corrosion resistance, hot-dip galvanized steel plates with excellent rust resistance, and aluminum alloy steel plates with good strength and rigidity.

In terms of quality characteristics, the color molded steel plate shows excellent performance. 

First of all, it has excellent water resistance. Through the on-site assembly of the intersection treatment, even in the case of roof slope greater than 4%, it can withstand any adverse weather conditions. 

Secondly, the application of color molded steel plate is very wide, and it can be combined with various thermal insulation materials and the bottom layer to form thermal insulation or non-thermal insulation roof. In addition, it can also be fixed as needed to avoid longitudinal overlap, thus eliminating the possibility of water leakage. Its appearance is symmetrical, without any fastening screws exposed, neat and beautiful, excellent anti-corrosion performance. The hook type mechanical fixing method is firm and reliable, and can withstand the change of thermal expansion.


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