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What does color coated roll plate do?

Color coated roll is a kind of light texture, anticorrosive durable, decorative good home decoration building materials. Mainly used in household appliances, construction, home decoration, advertising and other industries.

1 Color coated roll plate

Color coated coil is also called color steel coil plate, mainly white, blue, brick red several colors. It is made of hot galvanized sheet, hot aluminized zinc sheet, electrogalvanized sheet as the base material, and its surface is chemically degreased and then coated with organic coating.

The organic coating used on the surface of the color coating can be selected according to its specific use environment, mainly polyester silicon modified polyester, PVC plastic sol, polyvinylidene chloride several. Therefore, different industries use color roll material is also different.

Because it is coated with a variety of different colors of organic paint, so color coated coil is also called color steel coil. Color plate is processed, color coated roll is not processed raw materials, in the production of color plate processing into color coated roll is to facilitate transportation.


2 color coating roll use

Color rolls are mainly used in three aspects in the market, which are:

(1) Construction industry: color roll is used most in the construction industry. Generally, the color coated rolls of hot galvanized steel and hot aluminized zinc steel as the base material are processed into corrugated board and polyurethane conformed plywood, which are used to construct the roofs, walls and doors of industrial and commercial buildings.

(2) Household appliance industry: In the household appliance industry, the electric galvanized steel plate and cold plate as the base plate of color coating roll manufacturing refrigerators, freezers, bread makers and furniture, etc.

(3) Transportation industry: color coated rolls are rarely used in the transportation industry and are mainly used in the manufacture of oil pan and automobile interior trim.


3 color roll advantages

Color coated roll is a variety of chair plate for the substrate processing and manufacturing, with the following advantages:

(1) zinc plating substrate has zinc protection, but its coating is relatively thin, and corrosion resistance is not very good.

(2) Hot dip galvanized substrate is to form a thin layer of zinc on the copper plate with dissolved zinc, so that the substrate has good tightness and weldability.

(3) hot aluminum zinc substrate because of the existence of aluminum hot aluminum zinc substrate has good corrosion resistance, its service life is much longer than ordinary galvanized copper plate.

(4) Good durability and corrosion resistance, long service life.

(5) with good heat resistance, it is not easy to change color at high temperature.

(6) Good thermal reflection and weldability.

(7) It has been widely used in industrial buildings, steel structures and civil construction because of its strong durability and high performance-price ratio.



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