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General specifications for corrugated aluminum sheet

General specification and application of corrugated aluminum sheet

I. Product Introduction:

The corrugated composite board uses alloy aluminum plate as the panel, and aluminum corrugated core as the core material. According to the application environment and material requirements of the plate, the backplane (not composite backplane) is selected, and the production technology of composite aluminum plate is used to produce an aluminum composite board. It has the characteristics of more than wide surface, good flatness and small size of fall deviation. Ii. Product Specifications:

Total thickness: panel thickness + corrugated core thickness (3mm-8mm)+ bottom plate thickness;

The thickness of aluminum skin is generally 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm.

Width: 1020mm, 1250mm, 1550mm, the maximum size can be 2900mm;

Length: 12500mm

Three, product features:

1, the bond performance is stable and firm and durable:

Aluminum corrugated board is made of AL3003H16-H18 material, the thickness of the panel is 0.7mm~ 1.0mm, the thickness of the back is 0.5-1mm (same as that of aluminum honeycomb board), the core board is made of AL3003H16-H18, the material thickness is 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, it is water ripple type. The bonding surface with the panel backplane is arc type, which increases the bonding strength. The use of thermal hardening resin adhesive has the excellent adhesion force of metal plate. It is produced on the advanced fully automated production equipment to ensure the stable and firm bonding performance and the same life as the building.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection:

The core plate of aluminum corrugated board is water corrugated, which forms an air channel between the panel and the back plate. It is a hollow plate system, which is the best product of heat insulation and insulation. Under the action of solar radiation, the air in the channel heats up and flows upward to take away the heat, which has thermal insulation performance. In cold areas, the upper and lower ends of the corrugated channel are sealed to store heat energy to reduce the loss of indoor heating heat under sunlight during the day, with thermal insulation performance. Project surplus materials can be recycled, environmental protection and pollution-free.

3. Sound insulation and noise reduction:

As the core plate is corrugated arc type, it generates curved reflection of sound wave, eliminates the acoustic coupling between the panel and the backplane, and improves the sound insulation performance of more than 35dB.

4. Ultra-high flatness:

Aluminum corrugated plate is not suitable for large plate or large height curtain wall project because the thickness of aluminum panel is 0.7-1.0mm and the bearing capacity after folding is small. Due to the linear expansion coefficient of 2.35x10-5, the deformation of cold contraction and thermal expansion is large. Generally, after 1-2 years of use, the surface of aluminum plate will produce concave and convex deformation, affecting the artistry of the building facade. Honeycomb panel surface flatness is better, but the price is higher should not be used by the project. The tensile and compressive strength of aluminum corrugated board and the 180 degree peeling strength (see the test report for details) are higher than honeycomb board, so it has ultra-high surface smoothness, stability and durability, and the same life as the building.

5, light weight, with economic:

When the aluminum corrugated plate is 6mm thick, the specific gravity is 4.3kg/㎡ because the surface material heavy load is small, and the structural support keel can be reduced, and it is more economical.

6, easy to clean, corrosion resistance, anti-fouling ability, durable does not change color.

7. Easy processing and installation:

Easy processing: can be cut, punched, bending, can be made into special-shaped plate, arc plate. The side rib and the strengthening aid can be connected with rivet, simple and firm.

Easy installation and construction: fixed distance crimping, hanging, opening and closing structure can be used to ensure smooth surface, safety and durability, but also with architectural art


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