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What are the main uses of color coated rolls?

Color coated coil is mainly used in modern architecture, itself has good mechanical structure properties, but also has beautiful, anti-corrosion, flame retardant and some additional properties, by steel plate pressing processing molding material. The color coated substrate can be divided into cold rolled substrate, hot dip galvanized substrate, electroplated zinc substrate, etc

The main uses of colored rolls include:

1. In the construction industry, roofs, roof structures, rolling shutter doors, kiosks, shutters, guard doors, street waiting rooms, ventilation channels, etc.;

2, furniture industry, refrigerator, air conditioner, electronic stove, washing machine shell, oil furnace, etc.;

3, transportation industry, car ceiling, backplane, coaming, car shell, tractor, ship compartment board, etc. Among these uses, the use of more or steel structure plant, composite plate plant, color steel tile factory.

For the development trend of color roll, there is no clear good and bad, anything is built in a relative state, mainly according to the target customer, see how the manufacturer is positioned on the product, adapt to the market is the key factor. Aluminum zinc plating and magnesium aluminum plating technology requirements are relatively high, the products can be used in automobile, home appliances and other fields. And color coated rolls are widely used in large-span workshop, warehouse, office building, villa, roof layer, air purification room, cold storage, shops, kiosks and temporary rooms.

Color coated volume coating type

Polyester (PE)

Good adhesion, rich color, wide range in formability and outdoor durability, moderate chemical resistance, low cost.

Silicon-modified polyester

Namely (SMP), the film has good hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance, as well as good external durability and powder resistance, gloss retention, flexibility, medium cost.

High durability polyester

Namely (HDP), excellent color retention and UV resistance, excellent outdoor durability and powder resistance, good adhesion, rich color, excellent cost performance.

Polyvinylidene fluoride

Namely (PVDF), excellent color retention and UV resistance, excellent outdoor durability and powder resistance, excellent solvent resistance, good formability, dirt resistance, limited color, high cost.


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