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How is galvanized sheet weight?

Galvanized sheet specifications sold on the market are more, and there are certain differences in the weight of different types of galvanized sheet, so how should we calculate the weight?

First, how to calculate the weight of galvanized sheet

1, you can use the calculation formula to calculate the specific weight, weight is 7.85× length times the width times the height, get the results, plus the zinc layer weight calculation, you can get the galvanized sheet weight is how much, just need to put the relevant data into it.

2, galvanized plate actually refers to the surface of a layer of zinc steel plate, using this way can play a good role in rust prevention, and now the production of zinc, about half are used for this process, so as to more effectively extend the service life of the steel plate, can let the surface from corrosion.

Two, the main classification of galvanized sheet

At present, there are many kinds of galvanized sheets on the market, and the use of different types of galvanized sheets is not the same, and the production process is also different.

1, mainly hot dip galvanized steel plate, this process is to have a roll of steel plate has been immersed in the melting of zinc plating tank, so as to produce.

2, electric galvanized steel plate has good workability, and you can see from the side that the coating is relatively thin, but the corrosion prevention effect is not good hot dip method.

3, alloy galvanized sheet in the production process, is the need to use zinc and some other metals, including lead, aluminum and so on alloy made of this steel plate rust prevention effect is very good, and can be used for a long time, is not easy to damage.

4, alloyed galvanized steel plate is mainly through heating, heating to 500 degrees, can make zinc and iron to produce an alloy film, this galvanized plate has good welding effect and compactness.


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