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What is the defect of aluminum zinc plating?

Because aluminum plated zinc is a high-density plated alloy steel, in addition to the above advantages, there are also some defects:

1. welding performance

Due to the increase of mechanical properties, the inner substrate surface coating density is better, the manganese content is relatively high, so the aluminum zinc plating can not be welded under ordinary welding conditions, can only be connected by other parties such as rivets. In terms of welding, the performance of hot-dip galvanized steel plate is better, and there is no welding problem.

2. the applicability of tide temperature concrete

The composition of aluminized zinc coating contains aluminum, which is prone to chemical reaction in direct contact with acidic wet concrete. Therefore, as a floor board is not very suitable.

3. coating thickness and steel plate thickness limit

Most of the domestic aluminum plating zinc production units are reformed from hot dip galvanized units, and there are certain limitations in the thickness of aluminum plating zinc steel plates. Steel plate thickness is limited only between 0.27 and 2.5. In terms of coating, it can only be a minimum of 30 grams per square and a maximum of 220 grams per square.


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