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Galvanized steel plate with high anti-rust effect

Manufacturing method

Galvanized steel plate is a material made of galvanized SPCC (cold rolled steel plate). SPCC is a relatively cheap and easy to get steel plate, excellent machinability, so it is mostly used for bending, drawing and other forming processing. However, SPCC is very prone to rust, so it basically needs surface treatment. SPCC surface treatment has various methods such as coating, plating and so on, among which galvanized steel plate is galvanized.


Plating is the surface treatment of forming a metal film on the surface of a metal or resin. Among them, the formation of zinc film is called galvanizing. Zinc combines with oxygen in the air to form a passivated oxide film. Therefore, it is characterized by a very high anti-rust effect.

In addition, zinc has a higher ionization tendency than iron, so it oxidizes faster than iron. Therefore, if the iron (steel) is galvanized, even if there is a small scar on the electroplating surface temporarily, the internal iron is exposed, and the surrounding zinc will be preferentially corroded, thus having the effect of preventing iron corrosion. This phenomenon is called sacrificial embalming. Therefore, the main implementation of galvanized iron (steel).

SECC commonly used machining and surface treatment

The following is a description of the typical processing carried out by the SECC.

Bending and deep drawing

The nature of the SECC is essentially the same as that of the SPCC, so the same processing is performed as the SPCC. It is a kind of material suitable for bending processing and drawing deep processing.


The coating of electrogalvanizing has good permeability, so SECC has high coating ability. It is mostly used in household appliances and other parts that require appearance grade and decoration, so it is often applied in painting.

The implementation of hot-dip galvanized steel plate, SGCC

The following describes the features and uses of SGCC.

Characteristics of SGCC

SGCC is a steel sheet that has been hot galvanized. Steel Galvanized Cold Commercial.

Because it is hot dip galvanizing for SPCC, the basic properties are almost the same as SPCC. Also known as galvanized sheet. The coating is thicker than SECC, so it has the characteristics of high corrosion resistance, and the partners of SECC also include alloyed hot dip galvanized steel plate, aluminum plated zinc steel plate and so on.

The use of SGCC

It is not a particularly strong material, but has excellent corrosion resistance, so it is used in many places. In addition to the materials of the power transmission tower and the guide rail, it is also used for the driving parts of the car. As a building material, there are also many uses, in addition to being used as a material for rolling shutter doors and window panels, it is also used in the form of galvanized sheets for the exterior walls and roofs of buildings.


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