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Application of IF board in automobile

1. Used for stamping parts with complex shapes. Some stamping parts have complex shapes and large drawing, and it is difficult to fully meet the requirements even if the best aluminum sedation deep drawing steel is used. For example, the oil pan of the engine has high requirements for the ductility of the steel plate, and imported deep drawn steel plates have been used in the past, but the effect is not ideal. Since the use of domestic deep-drawn IF steel plate, this problem has been solved. With domestic Ⅲ steel plate instead of imported deep drawing steel plate production of some more complex shape stamping parts, the effect is very good, worth further promotion.

2. Used to manufacture high-strength auto body covering parts. In order to save energy and meet the increasingly stringent environmental requirements, high-strength steel plates are widely used in the automotive industry. For example, many outer covering parts of the car body are widely used in the original design of high-strength steel plates, reducing the thickness of the steel plate, thereby reducing the quality of the body, reducing the fuel consumption of the car, and reducing the harmful emissions of the car.

IF steel plate has excellent formability. On this basis, the high strength IF steel plate developed by solution strengthening can obtain higher strength and still retain higher formability.

In the case of the same strength level, the comprehensive level of the formability index of the high-strength IF steel plate is obviously better than the traditional high-strength steel plate, and the IF steel plate is not time-sensitive, and the slip line that affects the appearance quality of the plate will not appear on the surface during the stamping process, so the production of automotive outer covering parts with this steel plate is very suitable.

3. As the substrate of high-performance galvanized steel plate. Galvanized steel plate is more and more widely used in automobiles, such as European models such as Audi and some models in North America, and even the entire body is made of galvanized steel plate. The reason why galvanized steel plate is widely used is that in cold countries such as Northern Europe and North America, after the winter snow, the road spraying salt water is seriously corroded on the body parts, and the second is to improve the service life of the car, the years of auto plate corrosion are repeatedly extended in various countries, and the general bare steel plate cannot meet these requirements, so galvanized steel plate has been paid attention to.

Generally, the deep-drawn steel plate is used as the substrate to produce galvanized sheet, because the hot dip galvanizing needs to be heated to a high temperature of about 500C, the formability of the substrate is deteriorated due to serious aging, so that the application of galvanized sheet has limitations, and can not be used for more complex stamping parts. The advent of the IF steel plate successfully solved this problem. Because the IF steel plate itself has a high formability, coupled with no timeliness, it can still maintain a good formability after hot dip galvanizing. Table 3.7 shows the measured properties of two kinds of steel plates produced by the service steel plate as the base plate, from which we can see that these two kinds of steel plates basically maintain the characteristics of their original plates and have good formability.

In addition, because the plane anisotropy of the IF steel plate with titanium as microalloying is large, the galvanized steel plate produced by this kind of steel plate as the substrate may be powdered due to the different strain degrees of the steel plate in all directions during the stamping process. When niobium is used as a microalloying element, the situation is much better, so in actual production, IF steel plates adding Nb or Ti +Nb are generally used as the original plate of galvanized sheet.


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