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Can galvanized steel pipe be welded

In daily life, everyone has seen galvanized steel pipe, but many people do not know much about its use.

Can galvanized steel pipe be welded?

Can be welded, but mainly depends on the welding requirements, different galvanized steel pipe welding, treatment methods are different.

1, ordinary galvanized steel pipe, because the galvanized layer is relatively thin, it is usually recommended to use electric welding and gas protection welding

2, inconvenient grinding but with galvanized layer welding, it is recommended to gas welding, the use of 50-6 wire welding can be, if the zinc burn serious, can use double pulse MIG machine welding, to alleviate the burning phenomenon

3, hot dip galvanized welding, it is recommended to use WE53 electrode argon arc welding. In addition, after welding galvanized steel pipe, the welding should be polished flat, otherwise it will destroy its quality, and even easy to cause foaming or oxidation problems.

What are the characteristics of galvanized steel pipe:

1, galvanized steel pipe surface with anti-rust treatment, not easy to oxidation, the formation of white rust, more durable.

2. The surface of galvanized steel pipe is plated with zinc, including the convex and convex place, which plays a comprehensive protection role. At the same time, save painting time, convenient construction.

3, galvanized steel pipe anticorrosion and wear resistance, longer use time.

4, galvanized steel pipe frost resistance, no cracking, suitable for cold environment.

How to ensure the welding quality of galvanized pipe:

1, the first galvanized pipe before welding, to control the good factor, to choose a skilled welder, and hold a welder certificate, if necessary, but also technical training, to be passed the welder test to the site after welding, at the same time should pay attention to the welder once determined after the choice, not at will replace, otherwise it will affect the quality of welding.

2, secondly, we should pay attention to the welding materials, can not cut corners, to ensure that all welding materials are from the regular channels, require businesses to show warranty, certificate, and welding acceptance and issuance procedures to complete, at the same time to control the recovery of welding materials, to ensure the amount of. In addition, we should pay attention to the process of welding materials barbecue, each release can not be excessive.

3, then we should pay attention to the welding machine, in addition to reliable performance, in line with the process, but also pay attention to its current, voltage, welding cable should not be too long, in order to ensure the correct implementation of the welding process.

4, finally, in the welding of galvanized pipe, we should pay attention to the operation method, before welding, check the groove, process parameters and operation techniques, etc., after welding to check the quality, if necessary, but also for no hearing detection after welding. This meal should pay attention to the welding environment, such as temperature, humidity and wind speed meet the requirements.


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