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API seamless steel pipe

API seamless steel pipe is a long strip of steel with a hollow cross-section and no joints around it. Steel pipe has a hollow cross-section, a large number of pipes used to transport fluids, such as the transport of oil, natural gas, gas, water steel pipe manufacturing ring parts, can improve material utilization, simplify the manufacturing process, save materials and processing hours, such as rolling bearing rings, jack sleeves, etc., has been widely used to manufacture steel pipe.

Mechanical parts, such as oil drill pipe, automobile drive shaft, bicycle frame and steel scaffolding used in construction.

api seamless steel pipe manufacturing process: hot rolling (extruded seamless steel pipe) : round tube blank → heating → perforation → three-roll diagonal rolling, continuous rolling or extrusion → Stripping → sizing (or reducing) → Cooling → Blank tube → straightening → hydraulic test (or detection) → marking → storage.

Cold-drawn (rolled) seamless steel pipe: round tube billet → heating → perforation → heading → annealing → pickling → oiling (copper plating) → multi-pass cold drawing (cold rolling) → billet pipe → Heat treatment → straightening → hydraulic test (inspection) → marking → storage.


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