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Safety protection performance of galvanized square rectangular pipe for engineering construction

The galvanized square rectangular pipe used in engineering construction usually requires a certain thickness of the phosphating treatment layer, the thickness of this layer is clearly regulated. However, the hot dip galvanized layer of high-quality galvanized square pipe for engineering construction usually exceeds the standard requirements by three times or more, and sometimes can even reach ten times the thickness, which is visible to the naked eye. This high-quality galvanized square rectangular pipe for engineering construction has a strong covering ability of the hot dip galvanized layer, a high coating density and strong, and its composition does not contain any inorganic substances or other impurities.

We all understand that the zinc layer of high-quality galvanized square pipe for engineering construction has good resistance to gas corrosion. This is because it is not only protected by mechanical equipment, but also by the presence of an electrochemical protective layer. In the environment of gas corrosion, a protective film of chlorogenic acid and bismuth nitrate is usually formed on the surface of zinc layer, which can effectively slow down the main corrosion process of zinc to a certain extent. This layer of protective film is also known as white rust, once damaged, it will form a new galvanized square tubular film layer.

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So, what is the safety performance of galvanized square tube for engineering construction? When the zinc layer is seriously damaged, and even affects the iron substrate itself, the zinc layer of galvanized square tube used in engineering construction will undoubtedly have an electrochemical protection effect on the substrate. In general, the standard potential for zinc is fixed, as is the standard potential for iron. When zinc and iron form microbatteries, zinc can be fully dissolved as an anode, and iron as a cathode is protected at the same time, the hot-dip galvanized layer will make the substrate metal iron resistance to gas corrosion far more than phosphating, which reflects the engineering construction of galvanized square tube surface safety prevention ability.


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