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What is the meaning of home appliance plate

What is the meaning of home appliance plate

Home appliance board, also known as home appliance color steel plate, is used for refrigerator side plate, back plate, washing machine box, water heater outside the barrel and microwave oven shell decoration of building board, not only can meet the requirements of household appliances use environment and service life, but also has good molding processing, can meet the requirements of high-speed, precision processing equipment.

The decorative effect of external color steel plate for household appliances is good, and it can meet the special use requirements of household appliances, such as high machinability (0T) of microwave oven shell, washing machine shell washing resistance, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, pollution resistance, surface hardness and other requirements of refrigerator side plate, color steel plate can be designed and produced for different household appliances.

With the development technology upgrade of home appliance color plate and the personalized needs of customers, home appliance plate will be more and more diversified and functional, and promote its wider application.

Two. what kinds of home appliance color steel plate

Color Coated Metal plate is also widely used in the home appliance industry, so it is also called home appliance coated metal plate. According to the different composite process and material structure, the types of home appliance coated metal plate can be divided into: 

1.From the literal meaning of understanding, PCM pre-coated plate is in the metal plate for pre-coating, that is, spray paint on the metal surface. In addition to the decorative effect of monochrome, pearlite and pattern, the pre-coated plate also has the advantages of rich color, high production efficiency, fast turnover, environmental protection and no pollution. However, its relative flatness is poor compared with the laminating board, and the color effect is relatively single, not suitable for high-grade refrigerator panel, mainly the use of side plate.

2. VCM Coated Metal plate (Polyvinyl Chloride-Coated Metal Steel)

Refers to the composite PVC film on the metal surface, and make it firmly combined, also called PVC laminating board. VCM has a beautiful appearance and excellent processability, surface decoration, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, etc., can achieve different effects from low light to high light, at the same time with exquisite patterns and pearlite flashing effect, in addition, based on the surface layer of the film material can be printed and other special processing characteristics, can show a variety of colors, tactile texture and other different effects.

3. PEM coated Environmental Metal Sheet (Pre-coated environmental Metal sheet)

PEM color steel plate is the environmental protection upgrading products of VCM color steel plate, the PVC in the product structure of VCM laminating board is removed, and the PET part of the surface is retained. Due to the removal of the PVC layer, PEM laminates not only have the beautiful appearance of VCM and excellent decorative effect, but also completely free from PVC, is the real sense of green color steel plate, has become a new guidance for the development of household appliances and decorative color steel plate industry.

4, PPM color steel plate (Printed Pre-coated Metal Sheet)

PPM color plate is the fourth generation of all new color steel plate, it will be steel, chemical and printing technology three kinds of science and technology together, with gorgeous appearance and excellent quality, at the same time has good surface scratch resistance and high hardness performance, effectively solve the refrigerator and other foaming products foaming indentation and other historical problems, meet the requirements of modern environmental protection.

5, embossing plate

Embossing board is the laminating board (VCM/PEM) or precoated board (PCM) through embossing and other special process, change its mechanical properties, improve its structural strength of a new color steel composite board, under the same strength, effectively reduce the use of material thickness, at the same time both laminating board and precoated board excellent decorative performance and functional characteristics.


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