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Galvanized pipe material introduction.

Even if you buy galvanized pipe, the material of the steel pipe is not the same. Galvanizing is just a hot dip galvanizing process on the surface, and it does not mean that the pipes are the same. Moreover, the quality and performance of each pipe will also vary greatly. The material of steel pipe is different, and its application field will also be affected to a certain extent.

Introduction to commonly used materials.

In fact, steel pipes also have different materials, so do galvanized pipes. Under normal circumstances, this pipeline is used for conveying gas, heating, etc., which can ensure good corrosion resistance. Moreover, its material also has a variety of different steel materials. The steel material is galvanized, and the corrosion resistance of the surface will also be improved.

The main material is generally carbon steel or alloy steel. Of course, these two types of steel also have different types, which should be selected according to the specific use needs. Different kinds of steel will also affect the price of steel pipes, so we still need to pay attention to the choice of steel.

Different materials.

Internationally, the hardness of the steel pipe with a high carbon content will increase, but its plasticity and toughness will decrease. Therefore, it is still necessary to consider the specific performance of galvanized pipe selection. Adding manganese can form alloy steel pipe. Adding titanium, vanadium and other elements can also improve its overall strength and hardness, so pay attention to the composition of steel.


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