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What are the common metal pipes?

Metal pipes play a vital role in modern industry, they are used to transport a variety of fluids and gases and are an integral part of many industries. Common metal pipes mainly include steel pipe, galvanized pipe, stainless steel pipe and copper pipe, each pipe has its own unique performance and application field.

First, steel pipe

Steel pipe is an important metal pipe, which is made of steel plate or steel strip by bending and welding process. According to the different manufacturing process, the steel pipe can be divided into seamless steel pipe and spiral welded pipe two categories. Seamless steel pipes are directly formed by hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel plates, and there are no welds, so they have high strength and pressure resistance. The spiral welded pipe is formed by winding and welding the steel belt in a spiral way, which has the characteristics of high production efficiency. Because of its high strength, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and other significant advantages, steel pipe has been widely used in many industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, shipbuilding, machinery and construction.

Two, galvanized pipe

Galvanized pipe is a product obtained after surface treatment on the basis of traditional black iron pipe. By plating a layer of zinc on the surface of the pipe, the galvanized pipe has good corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and wear resistance. This kind of pipeline is mainly used in the water supply system, gas transmission and heating system and other fields, which can effectively prevent the corrosion of the pipeline due to environmental factors and extend the service life of the pipeline.

Three, stainless steel pipe

Stainless steel pipe is a kind of metal pipe with superior performance, which is divided into two types of seamless stainless steel pipe and welded stainless steel pipe according to the different manufacturing process. Seamless stainless steel pipes are made by perforating and rolling stainless steel billets without welds, so they perform well in high-pressure and high-temperature environments. Welded stainless steel pipes are made by welding stainless steel strips or plates. Stainless steel pipe with its high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, in medicine, food processing, aerospace, petroleum and chemical industries have been widely used.

Four, copper pipe

Copper pipe is a kind of metal pipe with a long history and excellent performance. It has the characteristics of good thermal conductivity, high strength and wear resistance. Copper pipes are mainly divided into three types: copper-nickel alloy pipes, clean copper pipes and copper alloy pipes. Copper-nickel alloy pipe combines the advantages of copper and nickel, with better corrosion resistance and strength; The net copper pipe is made of pure copper, with good thermal conductivity and plasticity; Copper alloy tubes are based on copper to add other metal elements to enhance their specific properties. Copper pipe has a wide range of applications in refrigeration, air conditioning, chemical, medical and health fields, especially in the need for good thermal conductivity.

Different types of metal pipes play an important role in their respective fields because of their unique physical and chemical properties. When choosing metal pipes, consumers should carefully consider the performance and specifications of the materials according to the specific application scenarios and requirements to ensure that the selected pipes can meet the needs of use and ensure the safety and reliability of the system.


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