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How to extend the service life of galvanized square pipe?

Galvanized square rectangular tube reacts with metal and iron matrix to form an alloy layer, which binds the substrate to the coating. Hot dip galvanizing is to stop pickling of steel pipes. In order to remove the iron oxide on the surface of the steel pipe, the Tianjin galvanized square rectangular pipe is cleaned after pickling, and then cleaned with a mixed aqueous solution tank. Then send it to the hot dip galvanizing tank. Hot dip galvanizing has the advantages of average coating, strong adhesion and long service life.

Mainly based on its shape. Because its cross section is square or rectangular, it is called a square rectangular tube. The electroplating process of galvanized square pipe processing mainly includes pretreatment, electroplating and post-plating treatment, etc. The quality of the coating depends on the plating process of the material, and the plating process is affected by many factors.

The higher the zinc purity of the zinc block, the narrower the brightness range, the easier it is to obtain a thicker coating, and the iron content in the coating will be lower; When the purity of the zinc block is too low, its brightness range will be wider, and it will take longer to reach the specified zinc layer thickness, which will lead to a higher iron content in the galvanized layer.

The high temperature during electroplating will lead to the decrease of dispersing capacity of solution, the increase of iron content in plating and the uneven passivation. However, when the reaction temperature is too low, the high current density area will be easy to burn, and the coating is brittle and the deposition rate is slow.


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