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Aluminum plated zinc plate and galvanized plate difference! Why is aluminum-zinc better?

Compared with aluminized zinc alloy, zinc coating has relatively active chemical properties, so its corrosion resistance is different. The test under the same outdoor conditions shows that the service life of aluminized zinc plate is more than four times that of galvanized plate.

The aluminum zinc alloy structure of aluminum plated zinc steel plate is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon solidified at 600℃. The whole structure consists of aluminum - iron - silicon - zinc, forming a dense quaternary junction crystal, thus forming a strong and effective barrier to prevent the penetration of corrosion factors.

Characteristics of aluminized zinc steel plate:

Corrosion resistance:

The corrosion resistance of "55% aluminum-zinc Steel coil" comes from the barrier layer protection of aluminum, and the sacrificial protection of zinc. Aluminum forms an insoluble oxide layer that acts as a barrier when zinc is sacrificed for protection on edges, scratches, and plating chafes. Aluminum-zinc alloy steel coil has been exposed for more than 20 years in various atmospheric environments. It is proved that the edge protection function of 55% aluminum-zinc steel plate is better than that of galvanized steel plate and 5% aluminum-zinc steel plate.

Heat resistance:

The heat resistance of 55% aluminum-zinc alloy steel plate is better than that of galvanized steel plate, and the high temperature oxidation resistance of aluminum-plated steel plate is similar. Aluminized zinc alloy steel plate can be used in high temperature environment up to 315 degrees.


55% aluminum-zinc alloy steel plate has high reflectivity, which makes it a heat-resistant barrier. Aluminized zinc steel plates have almost twice the thermal reflectivity of galvanized steel, so they can be used as roofs and panels without painting.


Because of the excellent adhesion between the zinc layer and the paint of the aluminum plated zinc steel plate, it can be painted without pretreatment and weathering treatment when it is used as a sign board for general purposes. And galvanized steel plate needs weathering treatment and pretreatment.

The purpose of aluminum plated zinc steel plate:

According to different thickness specifications, the main uses of aluminized zinc steel plate are: distribution cabinet (thickness in 1.2-2mm); Solar water heater (0.32mm); Anti-theft door panel; Home appliance backboard;

Hot dip galvanizing is generally used for steel tape or steel wire (stranded wire). Because the steel surface is covered with zinc layer to prevent the erosion of the atmosphere, to prevent the continued corrosion of the substrate, and to ensure the service life of the substrate. Zinc is more active than iron, and can sacrifice zinc layer to protect steel matrix in case of corrosion.

Aluminum zinc plating has stronger protective effect and better corrosion resistance than galvanized products. The entire structure consists of aluminum, iron, silicon and zinc, forming a dense quaternary junction crystal, which forms a barrier on the steel plate and thus effectively prevents the penetration of corrosion factors. Corrosion resistance from aluminum barrier layer protection, and zinc sacrificial protection. Aluminium forms an insoluble oxide layer that acts as a barrier when zinc is sacrificed to protect the edges, scratches and plating chafes.


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