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Various ways of galvanizing: hot-dip galvanizing, cold galvanizing, white zinc plating, blue zinc plating, color zinc plating, black zinc plating

Various ways of galvanizing: hot-dip galvanizing, cold galvanizing, white zinc plating, blue zinc plating, color zinc plating, black zinc plating

Hot dip galvanizing: A metal coating is obtained by dipping a steel component into a molten zinc solution.

Cold galvanizing: Put the processed steel device into the zinc salt solution after oil removal and pickling, connect the electrolytic equipment, and deposit a layer of zinc on the steel device using the electrochemical principle.

Color galvanizing: In fact, these are the differences caused by the difference between the passivation process after galvanizing, different passivation fluids get different colors of passivation film, their corrosion resistance will also be different, so there are different process names; The color of the galvanized layer is determined by the passivation process, and there are silver, blue and white, color (colorful military green), black and other processes. Usually galvanized corrosion resistance from strong to weak order: military green passivation > Black passivation > Color passivation > Blue and white passivation > White passivation.

Performance and advantages

Electrogalvanizing is usually electrogalvanizing layer thickness of 5 ~ 15μm, while hot dip galvanizing layer is generally more than 35μm, and even up to 200μm.

Hot dip galvanizing: durable anticorrosion, standard quality of hot dip galvanizing rust prevention thickness makes it have excellent durability; The toughness of the coating is strong, and the galvanized layer of hot dip galvanizing forms a unique smelting metal structure, which can withstand mechanical damage during transportation and use.

Cold galvanizing: has good environmental protection performance. The vast majority of cold galvanizing solvents and diluents do not contain toxic organic solvents, and the process of cold galvanizing also reduces the volatilization of organic solvents, reduces drying energy consumption, and is conducive to environmental protection.

Different application

Hot-dip galvanizing: Because of its good anti-corrosion performance, hot-dip galvanizing is widely used in power tower, communication tower, railway, road protection, road light pole, Marine components, building steel structure components, substation ancillary facilities, light industry and so on. Hot dip zinc coating color is silver white with light blue tone, some color after chromate passivation treatment is silver white with light rainbow tone. Its exact color can be seen on street poles and highway guardrails.

Cold galvanizing: Cold galvanizing is the main development direction of environmental protection of heavy anti-corrosion coatings.


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