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Why is it that choosing the wrong color will make the service life of color steel coil lower

Coating durability is the performance of color steel coil reflected in the process of use, usually measured by the length of the aesthetic life and the first overhaul life.

1. Beautiful life

The time interval from the completion of the color coated coil to the appearance of the surface coating of a certain degree of tarnish and powder, which affect the original aesthetic effect of the coating.

2. Ultimate life

The steel plate is rusted and perforated and cannot be used.

3. Thickness of coating

Polyvoid tissue coating

From the microscopic point of view, the coating is a hollow organization. Water in the air and corrosive media (chloride ions, etc.) will invade through the weak part of the coating, causing corrosion under the film, and then the coating bubbles and spalling.

Coating thickness selection

According to the results of the experiment: positive coating ≥20μm can effectively prevent the intrusion of corrosive medium, because the anti-corrosion mechanism of primer and top paint is different, so the thickness of primer (≥5μm) and top paint (≥15μm) should be required respectively, only in this way, to ensure that the corrosion resistance of different parts of the color coated steel plate is balanced.

4. Gloss of coating

Light stain

The high reflectivity of high gloss surface to sunlight during the day can cause light pollution.

Secure hidden troubles

High gloss surface friction coefficient is small, easy to slip, in the construction of the roof, easy to bring security risks.

Visual fatigue

The aging of color coated roll in outdoor use is the first indication of loss of light. If maintenance is needed, it is easy to distinguish between the old and new steel plates, resulting in poor appearance; If the back paint is high gloss, it is easy to produce halo when there is light in the room and cause visual fatigue.

5. Apply a layer of color

Light color system

From the point of view of the use of technology light color paint pigment choice is large, can choose superior durability inorganic coating, and coating heat reflection ability is strong summer coating itself temperature is relatively low, which is beneficial to prolong the life of the coating. In addition, even if the coating discoloration or powder, light color film changes after the contrast with the original color is small, the impact on the appearance is not big.

Deep color system

Dark color with organic color, easy exposure to UV.


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