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What are the materials and types of color steel plate?

Color steel plate, the full name is color coated steel plate, short for color coated steel plate, is a kind of steel plate with organic coating. The main use of color coated steel plate buildings, household appliances and transportation, so, color steel board room at most young life? Twenty years or so. According to MAIGOO network woven understanding, there are more kinds of color steel plate, each has its own advantages, at the time of purchase, we must choose suitable, but also pay attention to the size, price, etc., the following together to see the detailed encyclopedia knowledge of color steel plate!

What is color steel plate?

Color steel plate, the full name is color coated steel plate, referred to as color coated steel plate, is a kind of steel plate with organic coating, the thickness of about 50~100mm, by the middle of the filler and two sides of the color steel plate.

What is the material of color coated steel plate

Color coated steel plate is a steel plate coated with color organic coating or film on the surface of galvanized steel plate, aluminum plated steel plate, tin plated steel plate or cold rolled steel plate. The structural layer from the inside to the outside is cold rolled plate, galvanized layer, chemical conversion layer, initial coating and fine coating.

The main uses of color coated steel plate

The main uses of color steel plate are divided into three parts: construction, home appliances and transportation. According to M AIgoo network woven, color steel plate in the construction field accounted for a larger proportion, followed by the home appliance industry, and the transportation industry only accounted for a small part.

The color steel plate used in the construction is generally hot-dip galvanized steel plate and hot-dip aluminum zinc steel plate as the base plate, processed into corrugated plate or with polyurethane composite sandwich board, used for the construction of steel structure plant, airport, warehouse and frozen inventory and other industrial and commercial buildings of the roof, wall, door, etc.

Color steel plate room at most juvenile life

Twenty years or so. Color steel plate roof has very good cold resistance performance, suitable for strong ultraviolet light, severe winter cold area, withstand a variety of harsh conditions of the test, under normal circumstances, color steel plate roof available for about 20 years.

The variety of color steel plate

Coated steel plate:

With galvanized steel plate as the base, the front and back of the coating, to ensure its corrosion resistance.

PVC steel plate:

One is the production of coated paste PVC method, called coated PVC steel plate; The other is to have been formed and printed or embossed PVC film on the steel plate, known as the film PVC steel plate.

Heat insulation coating steel plate:

Pasted 15-17mm thick polystyrene foam or rigid polyurethane foam on the back of the color coated steel plate is mainly used for special areas requiring insulation and sound insulation.

High durability coated steel plate:

The durability and corrosion resistance of color coated steel plate can be improved by using high durability coated steel plate on the surface coating of steel plate.

Color coated plate and color steel plate difference

Different substrate:

Color steel plate substrate is generally galvanized steel plate or cold rolled steel plate; Color coated plate substrate in addition to the above two, there are aluminum plate, high aluminum alloy plate, stainless steel plate, etc.

Different characteristics:

Color coated plate resistance scratch, friction, collision, pressure, etc.; Color steel plate has high mechanical strength and is easy to form.

What is the difference between color steel tile and color steel plate

Color steel tile is a kind of color steel plate, are commonly used in construction engineering decoration materials, the difference between the two lies in:

Category and Scope:

Color steel plate category is larger than color steel tile, widely used in roofing, wall, partition, ceiling ceiling, etc.; Color steel tile is a kind of color steel plate display form, mainly used in roofing.

Process and construction:

Color steel plate has a single color steel plate and sandwich color steel plate two categories; Color steel tile is usually only single layer.

Application scenario:

Color steel plate is mainly used in factory buildings, movable board houses, transportation and all kinds of large public buildings roof, wall and ceiling; Color steel tile is mainly used for civil residential buildings, warehouses, special buildings and large span steel structure of the roof of the house.

Purify the difference between color plate and ordinary color plate

Purified color steel plate is also processed by ordinary color steel plate, and the performance is better.

The appearance of the purified color steel plate is better, the internal filling is more enriched, and the chemical coating on the surface makes it have anti-static, antibacterial and other effects. Ordinary color steel plate is just coated with a layer of color paint, a long time may rust, dust.

Purification color steel plate is mainly used in electronics, pharmaceutical, food, biology, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and scientific research on the indoor environment demanding purification engineering field, high-grade residential containers, mobile rooms will also use purification color steel plate. Ordinary color steel plate is mainly used for the site of the activity board house, as the wall panel and the roof.


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