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Three precautions for using color coated rolls

First. pay attention to fire prevention

Usually in the use of a wide variety of color coated coil construction of color steel houses, it is not recommended to use open fire stoves in the house, and the color map in the use process should be as far away from the fire source as possible to avoid fire. If you choose a general color coated coil, it is recommended not to establish a kitchen in the color steel plate room, which is a more safe and safe practice, the electrical appliances used should also pay attention to avoid too much power, and be ready for fire equipment.

Second. pay attention to the relevant maintenance work

When using doors and Windows in the room where the color coating rolls are laid, please gently close them, and do not jump or run upstairs, and note that you can not arbitrarily or attempt to remove any screws and components. For steel components that are easy to be corroded, regular maintenance work such as rust removal, painting, and renovation should be carried out, and the indoor floor should be higher than the outdoor height, and the outdoor drainage ditch should be repaired in order to prevent moisture.

Third. pay attention to the room do not set up a bathroom and kitchen

In general, it is not recommended that users set up toilets in mobile rooms with color coated rolls, such as those set in mobile houses should do a good job of anti-corrosion and waterproof measures. At the same time, users are not encouraged to set up a kitchen in the outdoor steel plate room in the mobile room, such as set up in the mobile room, should install the range hood equipment, and the fire source from the wall shall not be less than the specified range, the load value per square meter of the floor shall not be greater than the static load stipulated in the contract, the load value,

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