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What do you mean rebar

One. what is the meaning of steel bar

Rebar is a long form of steel used when concrete is poured. There are many kinds of steel bar, according to its cross section shape, there are square steel bar and round steel bar. And according to the shape of the surface, it can be divided into bamboo reinforcement and threaded reinforcement, and light reinforcement.

Two. how to select reinforcement

In the selection of steel bars, according to its appearance to select. A good steel bar surface is relatively smooth, and the color is more uniform, and is very neat, there are no cracks and uneven this situation.

Usually the end face of the steel bar is round, and some inferior steel bar its end face is oval, and the color is not uniform, is relatively rough. Then when using the steel bar, be sure to check its quality according to its instructions and its logo. Good reinforcement in the outer layer will have a certain mark, and it will put the manufacturer's name and address, as well as specifications, models and so on are marked very clearly. If not, it represents that the steel is not produced by regular manufacturers, it is inferior steel, this time can not be purchased, so as to avoid some quality problems when in use.

Then in the selection of reinforcement, be sure to select according to its size specifications. You can use a ruler to measure its size to see if its inside and outside diameter is consistent with the value on the label. If there is a certain deviation, it is necessary to see if it is in the allowed range. If the gap is very large, it can not be bought. This steel bar is likely to be inferior. Then when we buy steel bars, we must choose big brand manufacturers. Their products have certain quality assurance, and the after-sales service will be more assured, so we do not have to worry about the follow-up problems when we buy this kind of steel bar.


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