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Color plate color collection

Color plate color collection

Yellow series: beige, milk yellow, ivory yellow, lemon yellow, earthy yellow, camel yellow, suede yellow, etc.

Orange series: orange yellow, orange yellow, etc.

Red series: Scarlet, highlight scarlet, red, brick red, rust red, brown red, peach red, suede red, gem red, fluorocarbon red, etc.

Metal series: silver gray, fluorocarbon silver, gold pink, etc.

Blue series: Marine blue, light blue, sky blue, porcelain blue, deep sky blue, moonlight blue, fluorocarbon Marine blue, etc.

Green series: cardamom green, bean green, deep bean green, lotus green, broad leaf green, light green, brilliant green, dark green, dark green, suede green, etc.

Grey series: sky grey, grey, light grey, medium grey, light grey, iron green grey, camel grey, dark grey, fluorocarbon grey, fluorocarbon medium grey, fluorocarbon light medium grey, suede grey and so on.

Brown and black series: carbon black, ink black, brown, black, suede black, etc.

White series: white gray, ivory white, milky white, Magnolia white, imperial white, highlight white, white, highlight white, signal white, moonlight white, pearlescent white, fluorocarbon white, etc.

Back paint series: gray back, bud yellow back, steel white back, sky gray back, brown back, etc.


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