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Construction technology and procedure of color coated corrugated board

Color coated corrugated board mainly includes the construction technology of measuring pay-off, installing connectors, installing skeleton, installing aluminum plate, dealing with plate seam, dealing with curtain wall closing, dealing with deformation seam and cleaning up the board surface.

In order to ensure the coating quality of color coating products, it is necessary to remove oil, dust and rust on the substrate surface before coating, which is the first step to ensure the coating process, but also the basic work to ensure the quality of color coating board products.

The purpose of treatment is to remove the anti-rust oil, rust spots, dust attached to the surface of the substrate, chemical coating treatment on the surface of the clean substrate, increase the adhesion between the substrate and the coating, improve the corrosion resistance of the substrate and the durability of the coating.

Construction technology and steps of color coated corrugated board:

1, measurement pay-off

1) According to the design requirements of the axis and elevation Angle of the main structure of the color coated corrugated board, the installation position line of the supporting skeleton is accurately popped out to the main structure.

2) Prepare all embedded parts and measure them.

3) Distribution error of measurement line should be controlled, rather than error accumulation.

4) Ensure the correctness of the color coated corrugated board and the position of the pillar.

2. Install connecting parts

The inserts on the main structure are welded, and the expansion bolts and connecting iron members can be fixed on the main structure without embedding the painted corrugated board in the main structure.

3. Install the skeleton

1) Accurately fix the anti-rust column on the connector with bolts. For curtain wall frame columns with large areas and high floors, it is necessary to use measuring instruments and pendants at any time to check the elevation and center line position of the column to ensure that the vertical rod of the frame is straight and flat.

2) Connectors and washers are firmly installed at both ends of the post, and their joints should be tight and the horizontal deviation of the two adjacent beams should not be greater than 1 inch.

4. Install color coated corrugated board

Using rivets or bolts, according to the construction drawings, the surface of the painted corrugated board is fixed to the steel frame one by one. During installation, the deviation of left, right, up, and down should not be greater than 1.5.

5. Handle the plate seam

The surface of the color coated corrugated board and the frame is cleaned with cleaning agent, and then the sealing strip or weatherproof tape is placed in the gap between the color coated corrugated board immediately, and then the silicone weatherproof sealant and other materials are injected. If the filling glue is full, there should be no gap or bubble.

6. Handle curtain wall closing

Sealing can be done by sealing the ends and keels of the wallboard with metal plates.

7. Deal with deformation joints

The treatment of deformation nodes must first meet the needs of building expansion settlement and decorative effect.

8. Clean the board

Clean the surface of the painted corrugated board.


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