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What can cause color steel coil surface pressure spot problem

What can cause color steel coil surface pressure spot problem

Color steel coil not only has a good color, but also more color, so now in many fields have been widely used. But in the production and use, it will be found that the surface of the material will appear pressure spot problem, how is this going on?

Compared with the building board, the substrate used for home appliance color coating board has higher elongation, strength ratio and the corresponding r value, n value; And requires its film and substrate adhesion is strong, the coating has a certain degree of flexibility, the corresponding hardness is low. When the color coated steel coil for household appliances is cut and uncoiling, there is often a defect on the surface -- surface pressure spot defect. The defect is that when the color coated plate coating is baked and cooled, the surface of the coating is slightly deformed due to the tension of coiling, and sometimes the surface is rough, showing a visually visible pressure spot morphology. Slight pressure spot defects will gradually disappear with the extension of steel plate storage time, after heating can also be eliminated. However, the more serious pressure spot defects can not be eliminated even if the above measures are adopted, thus affecting the use of users.

Color steel coil pressure spot is a defect produced in the production process, if in the production process to find the causes and influencing factors of this defect, need to go through several times of stop check, affect the production plan, improve the production cost. Therefore, it is necessary to simulate and replicate this defect in the laboratory, and evaluate it, so as to find the cause of the defect and the factors affecting this defect from all aspects.

In short, in the production of steel coil surface to avoid the problem of pressure spot, we should strictly treat every detail in the production of products, for production equipment should also do regular maintenance work, effectively reduce the occurrence of pressure spot phenomenon.


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