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The difference between galvanized and hot-dip galvanized

1. Different principles

Hot dip galvanizing works by intruding steel components into a container containing galvanizing liquid to obtain a metal coating. And galvanized is the processing of good iron after oil removal pickling, and then put into the solution containing zinc salt, and then through the electrolytic equipment using chemical principles on the crossing of zinc on steel devices.

2. Different equipment is required

Galvanizing requires electrolytic equipment, while hot-dip galvanizing requires pickling equipment, bottom extraction annealing furnace or hood annealing furnace.

3. Different performance and benefits

Galvanized environmental protection, because it uses the solvent and diluent without toxicity is very easy, conducive to the protection of the environment. And hot dip galvanized is durable, durable and anticorrosive, because his galvanized layer is mainly composed of a unique metal structure, so it is very durable.

4. Different applications

Galvanized is mainly anticorrosive coating, in the direction of environmental protection for development. Hot dip galvanizing is mainly because it has a very good anti-corrosion function, so it is widely used in power tower, railway, road protection, light industry and so on.


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