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Color coated roll surface no gloss reason

The poor luster of the color coating roll has the phenomenon that the gloss or color spot is not reached after the coating curing, or the gloss is reduced after the coating curing for several hours. What are the reasons for these phenomena? Let's learn about:

color coated rolls

Cause: The cause of coating formulation. The amount of pigment, filler, solvent in the paint is too much, the densification is insufficient or the dust is too much. The surface language of the substrate is rough, with oil, water, wax, etc., and the coating is not fully cured. The paint is not completely stirred before the machine, and the solid of the paint is sunk in the bottom of the barrel, so that the paint is less in the barrel during construction. Too much diluent is added to the paint, which weakens the effect of the light paint. The surface coating is too thin, and the rolls are too high or too low at room temperature. The setting of curing furnace temperature is too high, the circulation of hot air in the furnace is incomplete, the coating is overheated, and the luster of the eyes is decreased due to aging.

Treatment method: Check whether the fineness of the coating on the machine meets the process requirements. Before coating, the coating should be completely stirred and filtered, and the diluent should not be too involved. Control the humidity in the coating chamber to prevent moisture from mixing with the coating. Check the combination of thinner and paint to ensure the surface coating wet film thickness, not too thin. Each furnace temperature setting of curing furnace should be effective to prevent too high or too low.


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