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Understand the role and advantages of galvanized coil

Galvanized coil is a kind of metal material widely used in construction, home furnishing, manufacturing and other fields. It is the steel plate after a series of processing and treatment, on the surface of a layer of zinc plating, in order to improve its corrosion resistance and service life. Next, let's have a detailed understanding of the role and advantages of galvanized coil.

First, the role of galvanized roll

1. Enhance corrosion resistance: During the use of steel, it is easy to be eroded by oxygen, water, carbon dioxide and other corrosive substances, resulting in rust and corrosion of steel. Through the processing of galvanized coil, a solid layer of zinc can be formed on the surface of the steel, effectively preventing the corrosion of the steel.

2. Enhance beauty: After galvanized treatment, the surface of the steel presents a bright silver luster, which is not only beautiful, but also has a longer life.

3. Convenient processing: galvanized roll has good processing performance, can be easily cut, bending and welding and other processing processes, widely used in construction, home, manufacturing and other fields.

Two, the advantages of galvanized roll

1. Strong corrosion resistance: the zinc layer on the surface of galvanized roll has good corrosion resistance, which can effectively resist wind, rain, acid rain erosion and other external factors.

2. Long life: galvanized roll after galvanized treatment, its life can be more than two times longer than untreated steel, greatly improving the service life of steel.

3. High safety: galvanized coil not only has good corrosion resistance and beauty, but also has good flame retardant performance, so that it is widely used in the construction field.

4. Good environmental protection: galvanized coil in the production process, will produce a certain amount of waste gas, waste water and waste slag, but after modern technology treatment, can reach environmental standards, no pollution to the environment.


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