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What are the factors that affect the surface gloss of stainless steel?

Processing technology is different, the surface gloss of stainless steel pipe is also different, after polishing the surface of the pipe shiny, and some pipe surface matte state, different processing technology on the surface gloss of stainless steel pipe is not the same.

1. Degree of polish

This is one of the common production processes for stainless steel pipes. The stainless steel pipe is made of stainless steel strip extrusion and welding with a mold. The surface of the steel strip does not have any brightness, but after polishing, it will produce gloss. Therefore, the stainless steel welded pipe with high surface requirements needs to be polished.

2. Steel strip quality

The content of chromium in the stainless steel pipe also affects the brightness, in general, the higher the brightness, the better, and the lower the impurities such as manganese, carbon, sulfur, the better.

3. Pipe thickness

If the pipe is too thin, the pressure of the polishing machine will deform the stainless steel pipe. If the pipe is too thick and the polishing force is too small, the friction force of the polishing wheel on it will not be enough and affect the polishing effect.

The gloss of the surface of the stainless steel tube refers to the mirror reflecting light ability of the surface of the stainless steel tube. Under normal circumstances, the method of evaluating the surface gloss of stainless steel pipes has two ways: visual method and instrument measurement method.

The visual method is in a stable light source environment, the human eye directly observes the gloss of the stainless steel tube surface through a specific Angle, this way can accurately compare the gloss difference between the sample and the standard sample, but for the specific gloss level can not be assessed, and the measured results are susceptible to the light source, observation Angle, the observer's own conditions.


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