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dn600 carbon steel pipe Seamless steel pipe 10# 20# 35# 45# 16Mn 27SiMn 40Cr

Carbon steel tubes are made of ingot or solid round steel through perforation to make capillary tubes, and then made by hot rolling, cold rolling or cold drawing processes. This kind of pipe occupies an important position in the steel pipe industry in our country.

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Carbon steel tubes are made of ingot or solid round steel through perforation to make capillary tubes, and then made by hot rolling, cold rolling or cold drawing processes. This kind of pipe occupies an important position in the steel pipe industry in our country. 

Manufacturing process

Perforation process: The ingot or solid round steel is heated, and the perforator is pierced into a capillary tube, which is the first step in the production of carbon steel tubes.

Hot and cold rolling: The tube is hot rolled or cold rolled to achieve the desired wall thickness and outside diameter. Hot rolling is typically used for thicker tubes, while cold rolling is suitable for thinner, more precise applications.

Cold drawing process: In order to obtain higher dimensional accuracy and surface finish, some carbon steel pipes will also go through the cold drawing process.

Classification type

According to the classification of welding performance: carbon steel pipe can be divided into welded steel pipe and seamless carbon steel pipe. The welded steel pipe is rolled into a tube through the welding process, and the seamless carbon steel pipe is made through the above perforation, hot rolling and other processes, and there is no weld.

According to the classification of carbon content: according to the different carbon content, carbon steel pipes can be divided into low carbon steel pipes, medium carbon steel pipes and high carbon steel pipes, different carbon content of steel pipes in hardness, strength and toughness are different.

Application field

Construction industry: carbon steel pipes are widely used in building structures, scaffolding, etc., providing good support and connection.

Industrial production: In the petroleum, chemical, electric power and other industries, carbon steel pipes are used to transport fluids and gases, and are an important part of industrial pipeline systems.

Transportation: Carbon steel pipes are also used as structural components in automobiles, ships and railway vehicles, improving the safety and durability of vehicles.

Price quotation

Market price: The price of carbon steel pipe is affected by many factors such as raw material cost, market supply and demand, and international trade policy. Wholesale prices provided by e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba can provide a reference for buyers.

Specifications: There are differences in the price of carbon steel pipes of different specifications, such as DN300, DN400 and other pipes of different diameters.

Quality standard

National standards: The production and use of carbon steel pipes must meet the relevant national standards, such as GB/T3091-2015 "Welded steel pipe for low-pressure fluid transportation" and so on.

Quality control: Manufacturers need to carry out strict quality control in the production process, including chemical composition testing, mechanical performance testing, dimensional accuracy measurement, etc., to ensure that the quality of carbon steel pipes meet the requirements of use.

Future development trend

Technological innovation: With the advancement of manufacturing technology, the production of carbon steel pipes will be more automated and intelligent, improving production efficiency and product quality.

Green production: The improvement of environmental protection requirements will prompt carbon steel pipe manufacturers to adopt more environmentally friendly production processes to reduce energy consumption and emissions.

Carbon steel pipe, as a basic industrial material, plays an important role in many fields. Its production and application need to follow strict standards and specifications to ensure safety and performance. In the future, with the development of technology and changes in market demand, the production and application of carbon steel pipes will continue to optimize and innovate.




Outside Diameter


Wall Thickness


Dia Tolerance

Control with in the standard, OD:+-1%, WT:+-10%



ASTM A53A/A53B/ A178C/A106B API5L

ST37,ST37-2,DIN 1629 ST35, ST45,DIN 17175 ST35.8,DIN 17175 19Mn5


15CrMO,Cr5Mo,10CrMo910,12CrMo,13CrMo44,30CrMo,A333 GR.1,GR.3,GR.6,GR.7





Steel strip packed. Standard Export Seaworthy Package.Suit forall kinds of transport,

or as required


Widely used in Structure, Accessorize,Construction,Fluid transportation,machinery parts,

the stress parts of the automobile tractor parts and so on

Shipment time

Within 7-10 workdays after receiving deposit or L/C

High Temperature Seamless Pipe

ASTM A106 Gr. B/C, API 5L Gr. B, ASTM A53 Gr. B

Heat Exchanger Seamless Tube


Low Temperature Seamless Pipe

ASTM A333 Gr. 3/6

Low Temperature Seamless Tube

ASTM A334 Gr. 6

High Yield Seamless Pipe

API 5L Gr. X42/X46/X52/X56/X60/X65/X70/X80 PSL-1/PSL-2

High Yield Seamless Pipe

ISO 3183 Gr.L245, L290, L320, L360, L390, L415, L450, L485

Atmospheric & Low Temp EFW Pipes

ASTM A671 Gr. CC60/CC65/CC70

High Pressure & Moderate Temp EFW Pipes

ASTM A672 Gr. B60/B65/B70/C55/C60/C65/C70

High Yield ERW/SAW Pipe

API 5L Gr. X42/X46/X52/X56/X60/X65/X70/X80 PSL-1/PSL-2

High Yield ERW/SAW Pipe

ISO 3183 Gr.L245, L290, L320, L360, L390, L415, L450, L485


Q: Can you send samples? 

A: Of course, we can send samples to all over the world, our samples are free, but customers need to bear the courier cost. 

Q: What product information do I need to provide? 

A: You need to provide grade, wall thickness, width and quantity you need to buy. 

Q: What are the shipping ports? 

A: You can choose other ports according to your needs. 

Q: About the product price? 

A: Due to the cyclical changes in raw material prices, prices vary from period to period. 

Q: What certifications do your products have? 

A: We have ISO 9001, SGS, EWC and other certifications. 

Q: How long does your delivery time take? 

A: Generally, our delivery time is within 7-45 days, if there is a great demand or special circumstances, it may be delayed. 

Q: Can I visit your factory? 

A: Of course, we welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory. 

Q: Does the product have quality inspection before loading? 

A: Of course, all our products have undergone strict quality inspection before packing. 

Q: How to pack the product? 

A: The inner layer has a waterproof paper outer layer, iron packaging, and is fixed with a fumigated wooden pallet. It can effectively protect products from corrosion during ocean transportation. 

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