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How to measure the gloss of stainless steel by instrument method?

The instrument measurement method refers to the direct measurement of the gloss of the surface of the stainless steel pipe through the gloss meter. The user only needs to follow the following operation process to quickly detect the gloss of the surface of the stainless steel pipe.

1. Power on normally

Gloss meter is a photoelectric measuring instrument, it can work normally under the state of power. If the battery of the instrument is low, or the USB is not connected, it may not be able to start normally.

2. Instrument calibration

In the measurement of the instrument, it is necessary to calibrate the instrument. However, many gloss meters now support automatic calibration functions, which can save users time and improve measurement efficiency.

3. Select the measurement Angle

Different measurement angles, we detect that the gloss of the surface of the electric vehicle is different, so it is necessary to choose the corresponding measurement Angle. At present, there are also three Angle gloss meters on the market, which can measure the gloss under three angles at the same time, which is very convenient.

4. Measure and analyze

During the test, the user will be the gloss meter measuring aperture closely fitted on the surface of the stainless steel tube, you can quickly assess the gloss of the surface of the stainless steel tube, the display will directly display the gloss value. However, this measurement method is a relative measurement of the mirror reflectivity of the surface of the stainless steel tube, if the surface structure of the stainless steel tube is more porous, it will have a great impact on the measurement results.


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