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how do you demagnetize carbon steel pipe?

The demagnetization of carbon steel pipes can be achieved by a variety of methods, including direct current demagnetization and heating to above the Curie point. Here are some common demagnetization methods:

Direct current demagnetization: This is a commonly used demagnetization method, by winding a coil on one end of the steel pipe, and by generating a magnetic field with direct current to eliminate the remanence of the steel pipe. When a single degaussing, you can wrap a coil of 8 to 12 turns around the outer circle at one end of the pipe, and then degaussing with the maximum magnetic field value. For degaussing before docking assembly, a coil with a total number of 16 to 22 turns can be used, and supplementary degaussing can be carried out under a small current of 10 to 20A.

Heating to above the Curie point: This method is to heat the material above its Curie point, so that the spontaneous magnetization disappears, and then cool in the absence of a magnetic field, so as to achieve magnetic neutrality. This is the most complete method of magnetic neutralization.

In addition, you can also check the residual magnetic amount after degaussing to determine whether the requirements are met.

In general, when selecting the demagnetization method, it is necessary to consider the specific use environment and conditions of the carbon steel pipe, as well as the level of remanence required after demagnetization.


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