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What are the testing methods for stainless steel?

Stainless steel test method:

1. surface observation, first look at whether there is rust on the surface of the vessel, if there is no rust, it can be determined that it is stainless steel, but it can not be determined.

2. liquid detection, there are material testing water on the market, after dropping up, different colors correspond to different materials, it is very simple and convenient, you can roughly determine which type of stainless steel material.

3. grinding detection, grinding wheel to see the state of the spark, but this method needs experienced people to identify.

4. spectral detection, instrument identification is the safest and most accurate method. The surface is first knocked off with a sander, but the surface must be smooth and then play with a spectrum, which can read the metal elements in the material in detail, and then compare the material, this method is the most reliable and the most authoritative.


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