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Storage conditions for carbon steel tubes

The conditions for storing carbon steel pipes mainly include the following:

Ambient temperature: carbon steel pipes should be stored in a suitable temperature environment to avoid damage caused by too high or too low temperature. In general, room temperature is the best storage temperature.

Humidity: Carbon steel pipe should be stored in a dry environment, too high humidity may lead to rust steel pipe. Therefore, the humidity of the warehouse should be maintained at a moderate level.

Avoid direct sunlight: Long periods of direct sunlight may cause the surface of the carbon steel pipe to fade or deform, so the carbon steel pipe should be stored in a place to avoid direct sunlight.

Avoid contact with harmful substances: carbon steel pipes should be away from harmful chemicals, such as acids, alkalis, etc., which may cause corrosion to the steel pipe.

Stacking method: When carbon steel pipes are stacked, heavy objects should be avoided to prevent steel pipe deformation. At the same time, the height of the stack should also be moderate, so as to facilitate access and management.

Regular inspection: For long-term storage of carbon steel pipes, regular inspection should be carried out to see whether there is rust, deformation, etc., timely detection and treatment of problems.


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