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What are the advantages and disadvantages of high carbon steel plates?

High carbon steel plate has the following advantages:

After heat treatment, high carbon steel plates can obtain very high hardness (HRC60-65), which makes it have excellent wear resistance.

In the annealed state, the hardness of high carbon steel plate is moderate, has good machinability, and is easy to process and form.

The raw materials of high carbon steel plate are easy to obtain, and the production cost is relatively low, which is conducive to reducing the overall cost.

However, high carbon steel plates also have some disadvantages:

When the working temperature of the tool exceeds 200 ° C, the hardness and wear resistance of the high carbon steel plate will drop sharply, affecting its service life and performance.

Low hardenability means that the structure inside the high carbon steel plate is difficult to completely change during quenching treatment. When quenching in water, the diameter of complete quenching is usually only 15-18mm; When quenched in oil, the maximum diameter or thickness (95% martensite) that is fully quenched is only about 6mm. In addition, the quenching process is also prone to deformation and cracking, affecting the quality of the product.

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