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can carbon steel pipe be used for potable water?

Carbon steel pipes can be used to transport drinking water, but are generally not recommended for direct use in household drinking water pipes.

Carbon steel pipes are often used in industrial and municipal water supply systems to transport water and sewage because they have good mechanical strength and pressure resistance. In the urban water supply system, carbon steel pipe is widely used in the main water supply line and the bottom pipe network. However, for household drinking water pipes, other types of pipes, such as PPR pipes, copper pipes, or stainless steel pipes, are often chosen, which are more suitable for direct contact with drinking water.

When choosing a household drinking water piping material, the following factors need to be considered:

Health and safety: The pipe shall comply with the current national standard "Safety evaluation standard for Drinking Water transmission and distribution water equipment and protective materials" to ensure that the water quality is not polluted.

Corrosion resistance: The pipe should have good corrosion resistance to prevent the chemical substances in the water from reacting with the pipe and affecting the water quality.

High temperature resistance: Considering the use of hot water, the pipe should be able to withstand a certain temperature without producing harmful substances.

In general, although carbon steel pipes can be used to transport drinking water in some cases, in household drinking water pipes, it is more recommended to use pipes specifically designed for drinking water to ensure the safety and hygiene of water quality.


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