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Three series of stainless steel

Stainless steel pipes are divided into three series: decorative stainless steel pipes, stainless steel products pipes, industrial stainless steel pipes

Decorative stainless steel pipe: usually the outer wall will be bright pipe, so the name is incredible, decorative stainless steel pipe is used for decorative purposes, because the production process is different from that of industrial stainless steel pipe, so it is also very different, decorative stainless steel pipe is generally used for welding stainless steel pipe production process.

Stainless steel products pipe: Usually the surface of stainless steel products pipe is generally bright surface, a small number of pickling industrial surface pipe, stainless steel products pipe, as mentioned above, is used for stainless steel products, because the outer diameter of stainless steel pipe, and mechanical properties, performance is better, so the general large chemical production enterprises used anti-corrosion materials, or hardware products, The outer diameter and wall thickness requirements are more strict stainless steel products pipe, stainless steel products pipe production process is a molding, welding time also increased nitrogen protection.


Industrial stainless steel pipe: usually the surface of industrial stainless steel pipe will be pickling pipe, a small number of black tube, industrial stainless steel pipe, as mentioned above, is industrial use, because of the stainless steel pipe, the performance is better, so the general large chemical production enterprises used anti-corrosion materials are stainless steel pipe, industrial stainless steel pipe production process is a molding, belongs to seamless stainless steel pipe.

Industrial stainless steel pipes are widely used as pipelines for conveying fluids, such as oil, natural gas, water, gas, steam and other industries.

In general, the industrial stainless steel pipe of the same material is higher than the decorative stainless steel pipe, because of the production problem and the cumbersome process.

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The products comply with Chinese GB, American ASTM, Japanese JIS and other specifications. It is used in petroleum, papermaking, chemical industry, food hygiene, medical treatment, decorative furniture and other projects, and its products are all over the large and medium-sized cities in China. Our products are managed in strict accordance with the ISO quality system, and strictly check the raw materials and production process to ensure the quality of products. Since its establishment, it has obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, passed the ISO9002 certification of China Fangyuan Committee, and obtained the product quality certification of stainless steel welded steel pipe GB12770 for mechanical structure, stainless steel welded steel pipe GB/T12771 for fluid transportation, and welded stainless steel pipe GB18705 for decoration.


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