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Application field of stainless steel Angle steel

Stainless steel Angle steel for building materials.

In the field of building materials, stainless steel bolts, door buttons, hinges and other hardware are very common, and there are a variety of indoor and outdoor decorative materials. With the rapid increase in the use of stainless steel in this field, the roofing materials of large and medium-sized buildings such as exhibition venues, sports stadiums, and airport terminals are also increasingly used. Most of these stainless steel plate applications are welcomed by the market because of their anti-glare properties after surface treatment. At the same time, new stainless steel with improved rust resistance has also been commercialized.

Large roofing requirements chromium based sheet (NSSC220M: 22Cr-1.5Mo-Nb, Ti-LC, N) with a small coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent corrosion resistance. They have been used in various buildings, such as the Tokyo International Exhibition Center. In areas with severe salt damage such as Okinawa, super stainless steel (NSSC270:20Cr-18Ni-6Mo-0.2N-LC) with further corrosion resistance is also used as the roof of the airport. This steel has excellent corrosion resistance even in the ebb and flow areas in contact with sea water, so it has been used as an anti-corrosion coating material for the lower members of coastal trestles.

Due to the good toughness and good weldability of austenitic stainless steel such as 304 stainless steel, it has been widely used in structural materials such as halls and guardrails. At the same time, make full use of its beautiful and easy to process characteristics. Stainless steel is also used in parts of civil structures such as DAMS and Bridges that are difficult to paint and maintain. Duplex stainless steel is used for high yield strength design; Chromium-based stainless steel, nickel free, lower cost. In addition, in order to improve the durability (long life) of concrete structural materials, stainless steel bars (NSSD: 12Cr-LC, etc.) have been incorporated into JIS standards as guidelines for design and construction. This is not only to improve appearance and ease of processing, but also to reduce the life-cycle cost of structural materials, including maintenance. In short, the use of stainless steel Angle steel as a structural material is very suitable.

Household machinery and precision instruments.

Because stainless steel Angle steel has excellent corrosion resistance and clean metal color in domestic water, stainless steel spoons, knives, dishes and other kitchen and table utensils have been widely accepted. It also extends to household appliances, sinks, water heater tanks and plumbing. In addition, it is also used as a decorative material for external materials, such as dishwashers and refrigerators, because of its beautiful appearance and easy processing properties.

For outdoor applications, stainless steel plates can be ground very evenly and coated with a clear paint that makes them less likely to adhere to fingerprints and easier to wipe off food stains.

In the field of precision instruments, stainless steel Angle steel can be used as internal components such as shafts, screws (bolts) and springs on the one hand, and can also be made into external materials on the other hand.

Transport machinery field.

With the increase in the application of stainless steel in automotive exhaust components, the demand for this aspect has also increased significantly. Chromium-based stainless steel has been used in exhaust pipes, exhaust manifels, catalyst components, etc. To ensure corrosion resistance to engine condensate and heat resistance to high temperature exhaust gas. Depending on the type of vehicle and the parts used, SUH409L (11 Cr-Ti-LC), SUS429 series (15Cr-Nb-LC), SUS436L (17Cr-Ti-LC), SUS444 series (19Cr-2Mo-Nb-LC) and other steel grades can be used. Other models use NSSC180, metal gaskets use SUS301L (17Cr-7N1-LC), and two-wheel disc brakes use SUS410 series steel.

In the field of railways, stainless steel plates for commuter vehicles are mainly rolled from 301L stainless steel plates to increase strength. In addition, because the surface of the stainless steel plate is to be manufactured as the exterior plate of the vehicle, the uniformity of the surface processing and the processing quality of the stainless steel plate are also important.

Industrial complete equipment field.

Stainless steel has been used to manufacture complete sets of chemical equipment, transport containers, paper machinery and so on. Used to treat nitric acid. At present, it has been widely used as raw materials for beer, soy sauce cans, beverages and other production equipment. Stainless steel Angle steel is used in the energy field of nuclear power equipment, post-treatment equipment, ecological environmental protection equipment in the exhaust gas desulfurization equipment.


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