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Galvanized pipe spray paint is not easy to fall off

A special paint, such as a two-component epoxy zinc yellow primer, is required.

Galvanized pipe can use "two-component epoxy zinc yellow primer" as the base paint, galvanized pipe to be polished, there is a certain roughness is easier to adhere to the paint. The use of epoxy zinc yellow primer, but also need to match the corresponding topcoat, to achieve double protection.

Epoxy primer can be used for galvanized sheet, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, alloy, steel and other metal substrates, and the substrate adhesion is strong, the coating is not off, the substrate without sandblasting or grinding, the use of paint thinner to scrub the surface clean, remove the oil.

Save time and effort, the coating has strong salt spray resistance, up to 1000 hours, good corrosion resistance, the coating does not contain heavy metal components, no lead and no chromium, various supporting systems, can be used with fluorocarbon paint, polyurethane paint, epoxy paint, etc.

Galvanized pipe is primed with double sets of epoxy zinc yellow primer, and should be painted by hand, can not be painted with roller. And when it's time to brush, just brush one coat, and then spray it with the corresponding top coat. At this time, it can be sprayed on the surface of the acrylic polyurethane type of paint, spraying about 60 microns thickness can achieve double protection.

And before spraying, it must be phosphating. According to this material of phosphoric acid, the surface of galvanized pipe is phosphating, so that the roughness and adhesion of galvanized pipe surface can be improved. And when using paint for galvanized pipe, it must be polished before construction, which can be gently polished and smooth, not to destroy the anticorrosive layer of galvanized pipe itself, and to remove the stains on galvanized pipe.

Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe is widely used in construction, machinery, coal mine, chemical industry, electric power, railway vehicles, automobile industry, highway, bridge, container, sports facilities, agricultural machinery, petroleum machinery, exploration machinery and other manufacturing industries.

Galvanized steel pipe Welded steel pipe with hot dip plating or electrogalvanized coating. Galvanized steel pipe can increase the corrosion resistance, prolong the service life. Galvanized pipe has a wide range of uses, in addition to the transmission of water, gas, oil and other general low pressure fluid pipeline pipe, also used in the petroleum industry.

Especially the oil well pipe, oil pipeline of the Marine oil field, the oil heater of the chemical coking equipment, the condensate cooler, the tube of the coal distillation and washing oil exchanger, and the tube of the trestle pipe pile and the support frame of the mine tunnel.


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