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Q235B carbon steel square pipe Q345 rectangular square pipe thick wall square pipe specification

Square tube as the name suggests, it is a kind of square shape of the tube, many kinds of material can form a square tube body, its medium in, what use, where, most of the square tube to the majority, after unpacking, leveling, curling, welding to form a round tube, and then rolled by the round tube into a square tube and cut into the required length. Square pipe specifications are mainly 10*10*0.8-1.5~~500*500*10-25, square pipe uses for structural square pipe, decorative square pipe, construction square pipe, mechanical square pipe, etc.

Cold drawing tube, as the starting raw material is a hot rolled coil, in use, first with an acid, the oxide skin absorption, and then cold rolling, so that the production of the cold rolling, steel pipe, hardness and strength, improved, but toughness will be slightly reduced. Therefore, this will lead to a reduction in performance when stamping, and cold-rolled torque tube production can only be simple deformation parts manufacturers. Cold rolled, after continuous annealing process. The production quality of cold-rolled square tubes, as well as the surface appearance, as well as the above accuracy of the size is better than that of hot-rolled rectangular tubes, and the thickness is much thinner, so it has been favored by many manufacturers. Many industries, on the other hand, have been used very widely.

Many defects of square pipe are caused by perforation, so the work transfer process in the blank is the key procedure of producing square pipe. The main difficulty of high alloy perforation is the low perforation performance, in order to choose the deformation parameters of the perforation rationally. A small amount of compression will cause instability in the perforation process, so the critical pressure and shrinkage when the top should be in front of the general compression set at about 7 percent, otherwise it will not bite, or even move to increase or the front card. The increased compression in front of the head also creates cavities and subsides defects in the sound. Therefore, if you want to overcome the problem, the tube billet should also be centered, and the hollow depth of centering should be compared according to other types of steel.

Hot rolled moment tube, continuous casting billet, rolling plate as raw material, then through the heating furnace, even in the use of high pressure water, surface phosphorus removal work, then with roughing mill, roughing mill is mainly cut off the head and tail of the moment tube, then in the pipe, and then feed to the finishing mill, computer controlled precision rolling. The square tube is cooled after laminar flow, rolled after coiler, and then crimped. However, when re-crimped, the thickness often appears, as well as the accuracy as some kind of error. This is tantamount to edges are also prone to defects. Then the crimp again, the trim has straightening treatment after the cut head, after which to ensure the thickness and accuracy of the torque tube


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