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Classification of section steel

Steel with various sections made from steel ingot by hot rolling is called section steel (or section). According to the different section shape, section steel is divided into round steel, square steel, flat steel, hexagonal steel, Angle steel, Gongning steel, channel steel, steel pipe and steel plate. Section steel is steel for steel structure. Different section steel can be made into various steel members according to requirements. According to the different chemical composition of section steel there are two main types: carbon structural steel and low alloy structural steel.

(1) Angle steel: Angle steel, commonly known as Angle iron, is a vertical angular strip of steel on both sides. There are equal Angle steel and unequal Angle steel. Angle steel is widely used in various building structures and engineering structures, such as beam, bridge, power transmission tower, lifting machinery, ships, industrial furnace, reaction tower, container rack and warehouse shelves. The width of the two sides of equilateral Angle steel is equal, and its specification is expressed in millimeters of side width * side width * side thickness, such as "30*30*3". It can also be represented by the model number, which is the number of centimeters of the side width, such as 3#. Angle steel can be composed of different force members according to the different needs of the structure, and can also be used as the connection between the members. Generally, large Angle steel with side length above 12.5cm, medium Angle steel with side length between 5cm and 12.5cm, and small Angle steel with side length below 5cm. The price structure of Angle steel is difficult to find, but it is basically the same as building steel and plate. It is also relatively cheap for intermediate group distance products, and the price of large and small Angle steel is slightly expensive. The representative specification of Angle steel is 5#.

(2) Channel steel: Channel steel is a long strip of steel with a groove section. Channel steel is mainly used in building structure, vehicle manufacturing and other industrial structures. Its specification expression method, such as 120*53*5, indicates that the waist height is 120 mm, the leg width is 53 mm, and the waist thickness is 5 mm, or called 12# channel steel. For channel steel with the same waist height, if there are several different leg width and waist thickness, it is also necessary to add a, b, c on the right side of the model to distinguish, such as 25#a, 25#b, 25#c, etc. Channel steel is divided into ordinary channel steel and light channel steel. The specifications of hot-rolled ordinary channel steel are: 5#--40#, 5#--8# for small channel steel, 10#--18# for medium channel steel, 20#--40# for large channel steel. Channel steel price intermediate group distance products are relatively cheap, large and small channel steel price is slightly expensive. Channel steel representative specification is 25#.

(3) I-steel: I-steel is also a steel beam, is the section of the I-shaped strip of steel. I beam is widely used with a variety of building structures, Bridges, vehicles, supports, machinery and so on. Its specifications are expressed in millimeters of waist height (h) * leg width (b) * waist thickness (d), such as "work 160*88*6. It can also be represented by model number, which represents the number of centimeters of waist height, such as work 16#. The same waist height I-beam, if there are several different leg width and waist thickness, need to add a, b, c on the right side of the model to make a difference, such as 25#a, 25#b, 25#c, etc. 8#--18# is a small I-beam, and 20#--63# is a large I-beam. I-steel price structure is also relatively cheap intermediate group distance products, large and small I-steel prices slightly expensive. The representative size of the I-beam is 25#.

(4) H section steel: H section steel is an economic section steel with better mechanical properties, which is optimized and developed from I-beam steel. It is named because its section is similar to the English letter "H". Its characteristics are as follows: wide flange, large lateral stiffness, strong bending ability; The two surfaces of the flange are parallel to each other, which makes the connection, processing and installation easy. The specification of H-beam is expressed by its waist height, flange width and web thickness. For H-beam with waist height of 200mm, flange width of 200mm, web thickness of 12mm and flange thickness of 15mm, the specification expression method is 200*200*12*15.

(5) Cold-formed steel: cold-formed steel is the main material for the production of light steel structure. It is made of steel plate or steel strip by cold forming. It can produce a variety of profiles with uniform wall thickness but complex section shape and cold-formed steel of different materials that are difficult to be produced by general hot rolling method. Cold formed steel is widely used in vehicle manufacturing, agricultural machinery manufacturing and so on.

(6) Special-shaped steel: including stop ring, horseshoe steel, magnetic pole steel, press foot steel, shallow channel steel, small channel steel, T steel, flat ball steel, feeding tooth steel, hot rolled hexagonal steel, in addition to rivet steel, farm tools steel, window frame steel.


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