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The model of galvanized sheet is introduced

JIS G3302-94 galvanized steel plate;

JIS G3312-94 Painted galvanized iron sheet;

JIS G3313-90 (96) electric galvanized steel sheet and steel strip; General requirements for hot-dip galvanized sheet steel;

ASTM A526-90 Commercial Grade Hot Dip Galvanized Sheet Steel;

ASTMA 527-90 (75) bite molding grade hot dip galvanized sheet steel;

Astma528-90 deep drawing grade hot dip galvanized sheet steel; For roofing and siding; Hot-dip galvanized sheet steel;

Astma444-89 Hot dip galvanized steel sheet for ditches;

ASTM A446-93 Structural Grade Hot Dip Galvanized Sheet Steel;

Astma599-92 Cold rolled galvanized steel sheet;

Astma642-90 Hot dip galvanized special deoxidized deep drawing grade sheet steel;

Γ OCT7118-78 galvanized sheet steel;

Dinen 10142-91 Part 1 Low carbon steel hot dip galvanized steel strips and plates;

Dinen 1012-92 Part 2 Hot dip galvanized sheet steel.


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