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What paint does hot-dip galvanized photovoltaic bracket paint

The bracket part of the photovoltaic system plays a crucial role, which is not only responsible for carrying the weight of the panels, but also in the long-term use of the process to ensure the stability and safety of the panels. Therefore, the maintenance and protection measures for the support, especially the coating protection, is particularly important.

Among many photovoltaic support materials, hot-dip galvanized photovoltaic support is favored for its wide range of applications. Hot-dip galvanizing is an effective means of metal corrosion protection. Through galvanizing, a protective layer of zinc can be formed on the surface of the steel frame, so as to resist corrosion to a certain extent. However, even galvanized brackets, in the face of harsh natural environments, such as strong winds, acid rain, salt spray, etc., may still accelerate corrosion and affect their service life.

In order to further improve the corrosion resistance and service life of hot-dip galvanized photovoltaic brackets, paint is usually applied on the galvanized surface. However, because the galvanized surface is too smooth, ordinary paint is often difficult to attach firmly, and it is easy to fall off or drop the paint. At this time, the use of double lion technology ED1000 epoxy primer is particularly important. This primer has excellent adhesion and is able to firmly adhere to the support without sanding the galvanized surface, providing the first layer of solid protection for the support.

The ED1000 epoxy primer is not only characterized by its strong adhesion, it also has salt spray resistance and can withstand up to 1000 hours of salt spray environment, which is particularly important for photovoltaic systems in coastal areas. In addition, its anti-corrosion performance is also very good, can effectively prevent the erosion of water and oxygen on the galvanized layer, and extend the service life of the support. At the same time, the ED1000 epoxy primer has good compatibility and can be combined with a variety of topcoats, such as epoxy cloud iron intermediate paint, fluorocarbon topcoat, polyurethane topcoat, etc. These topcoats can be selected according to actual needs to form a complete anti-corrosion system and provide a long-term protective coating for galvanized brackets.

In summary, the support part of the photovoltaic system is the key to ensure the stable operation of the entire system, and by using ED1000 epoxy primer and other supporting anti-corrosion coatings, the corrosion resistance and service life of the hot-dip galvanized photovoltaic support can be greatly improved, so as to ensure the long-term stable and efficient operation of the photovoltaic system.


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