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What is a medium plate?

The medium plate refers to the steel plate with a thickness of 3-25mm, the thickness of 25-100mm is called the thick plate, and the thickness of more than 100mm is the extra-thick plate.


Medium and thick plate is mainly used in construction engineering, machinery manufacturing, container manufacturing, shipbuilding, bridge construction and so on. It is used to manufacture various containers (especially pressure vessels), boiler shells and bridge structures, as well as automobile girder structures, ship shells for river and sea transportation, some mechanical parts, and can also be assembled and welded into large components.

Specific application:

Steel plate for bridge: steel plate for large railway bridge, requiring dynamic load, impact, vibration, corrosion resistance and other properties are relatively strong, such as Q235q, Q345q, q word for "bridge" meaning.

Shipbuilding steel plate: used in the manufacture of Marine and inland ship hull, requiring high strength, plasticity, toughness, cold bending performance, welding performance, corrosion resistance are good, such as A32, D32, A36, D36 and so on.

Boiler plate (boiler plate) : For the manufacture of various boilers and important accessories, because the boiler steel plate to work in the medium temperature (below 350℃) and high pressure for a long time, in addition to withstand high pressure, but also by impact, fatigue load and water and steam corrosion, require to ensure a certain strength, but also have good welding and cold bending performance, such as Q245R, R word for "container" meaning.

Pressure vessel steel plate: Mainly used in the manufacture of petroleum, chemical gas separation and gas storage and transportation pressure vessels and other similar equipment, the general working pressure in the normal pressure to 320kg/cm2 or even to 630kg/cm2, the temperature in the range of -20℃ to 450℃, in addition to the requirements of the container steel plate in addition to a certain strength, good plasticity and toughness, Must also have better cold bending and welding performance, grades such as Q245R, Q345R, 14Cr1MoR, 15CrMoR, the letter Cr is chromium, Mo is molybdenum.

Among them, 14Cr1MoR and 15CrMoR belong to Cr-Mo hydrogen resistant steel, and in a strict sense, they have belonged to special steel. Suitable for petrochemical, nuclear power, steam turbine cylinder, thermal power and other high temperature and high pressure, with hydrogen or hydrogen mixed media connected to large equipment; Moreover, 15CrMoR has a high durable strength when it reaches below 550℃.

Automobile girder steel: Used to manufacture automobile girder (longitudinal beam, beam), with a thickness of 2.5-12mm low-alloy hot rolled steel plate. Due to the complex shape of the automobile girder, in addition to requiring high strength and cold bending performance, it also requires good stamping performance.


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